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Head-on truck accident remarkably results in no serious injuries

A truck accident that recently happened in another state had rather remarkable results.

The crash occurred on Tuesday. That afternoon, a cement truck was driving along in College Station, Texas. Purportedly, the cement truck then went through a red light at an intersection and went onto its side. A minivan was then hit head-on by the truck. A dashboard camera in the minivan caught this motor vehicle accident on tape.

Self-driving cars, accidents and moral decision-making

A developing technology that more and more seems like it will play a major role out on the roads in the future is self-driving car technology. Proponents of this technology argue that self-driving cars will make the roads a safer place by taking human error out of the driving equation.

The capacity for making errors, however, is not the only thing that human drivers bring to the table. Humans also have a remarkable capacity for making split-second moral decisions. This moral decision-making can play a major role when a driver faces an imminent auto accident. There are many different things a driver may take into account, such as whether they have a passenger and whether there are kids in the area, when deciding how to act when facing an imminent crash.

Collision between car and tractor-trailer kills woman

Recently, in another state, an accident involving a tractor-trailer resulted in an elderly woman's death.

The accident happened last Thursday. That morning, a 57-year-old man was driving a tractor-trailer along a road in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Purportedly, the man then came to the conclusion that his tractor-trailer wouldn't be able to clear a culvert on the road and he parked the tractor-trailer as he tried to work out how to proceed.

Texting-while-driving tickets down in Philly

Recently, AAA Mid-Atlantic conducted a study on the number of texting-while-driving tickets issued in Pennsylvania. The study had some potentially encouraging results regarding the Philly area.

The study found that the city of Philadelphia experienced a large drop in texting-while-driving tickets between 2012 and 2013. In 2012, 202 such tickets were issued in the city. In 2013, this number fell all the way to 91. As a result of this drop, Philadelphia is no longer the Pennsylvania city with the most texting-while-driving tickets. Pittsburgh now holds that spot.

North Philadelphia hit-and-run leaves woman seriously injured

On Tuesday afternoon, a 56-year-old woman was exiting a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority bus as it was stopped near her North Philadelphia home. This scene then, in an instant, turned from being a typical and normal one to a horrifying one. After the woman left the bus, she was struck by a car. The car purportedly did not stop. In fact, a witness says that the car actually sped up after the impact.

This hit-and-run caused great harm to the 56-year-old woman; she suffered broken ribs, a broken hip, a broken leg, facial injuries and head injuries. She was hospitalized following the accident. As of Tuesday, she was in critical condition.

DUI allegations leveled in relation to Pennsylvania crash

Often, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs act erratically when out on the roads. While erratic driving can be harmful on any road, it can have particularly disastrous consequences out on the freeways. Thus, when intoxicated drivers take to the freeways, truly terrible things can happen.

Police here in Pennsylvania allege that intoxicated driving contributed to a recent injury-causing auto accident on a freeway in Bucks County.

Authorities: fog may have led to fatal crash

Recently, a fatal auto accident occurred in which weather conditions may have played a role. The crash happened in a neighboring state.

Last Friday morning, a school van, a tractor-trailer and a car collided at an intersection in Upper Pittsgrove, New Jersey. The van's driver died in the accident. The accident also caused a student who was a passenger of the van to get hurt. The NBC 10 Philadelphia article which reported this story did not mention if anyone in the tractor-trailer or the car was injured.

As many as 100 vehicles crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike

This winter has been anything but ideal for drivers in Pennsylvania, and Valentine’s Day was especially a heartbreaker. According to reports, as many as 100 vehicles were involved in car accidents on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Friday morning, resulting in a major portion of it being closed for several hours.

The messy pileup was the result of several chain-reaction accidents that occurred after some parts of the state got more than 19 inches of snow in a storm that lasted until early Friday morning.

A witness interviewed by a local paper said he had “never seen anything like it.” Another person involved in the mess said he didn’t expect to be home before dinner -- and it was only noon at the time.

Child deaths in car crashes on the decline

Sadly, young children are sometimes involved in traffic accidents. Even more tragically, such crashes sometimes result in a child's death. Thankfully, it appears that the number of young child traffic fatalities is going down in the United States.

A recent study looked at how many children die in auto accidents in the country. The study reviewed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data regarding fatal accidents from 2002 to 2011.

Woman hurt in car accident in Whitpain Township

Sadly, drivers don't always pay as much attention as they should when making turns. Carelessness by drivers when it comes to turning can have massive consequences. For example, such conduct by a driver can sometimes result in a fellow motorist getting into a harmful accident. It is very important that careless drivers are held responsible for the harm their conduct caused to others. Victims of motor vehicle accidents caused by someone else's carelessness shouldn't have to bear the financial burden associated with the injuries they suffered.

Recently, here in Montgomery County, a car accident occurred which police say involved a turn.

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