When your Money is on the line, hire a lawyer who minds your dollars with sense.

There are various types of support in Pennsylvania. Your team needs an attorney who can help you navigate each.

  • Spousal support: Support paid to a financially dependent spouse after the spouses have separated and before a divorce complaint is filed.
  • Alimony pendente lite (APL): From Latin and meaning, “payment pending the suit.” This is temporary alimony ordered by the courts between the divorce filing and the final divorce decree.
  • Alimony: Support paid to the lesser-earning spouse after the entry of a divorce decree for a certain period of time, the death of the payor, the death of the recipient, cohabitation of the recipient or the remarriage of the recipient.
  • Child Support: Support paid by one parent to another for the basic financial care of the child/children.

We understand the nuances of each method of support establishment, collection, and modification. We have extensive knowledge of how the courts may utilize them.  No matter the level of complexity or variability, retaining an experienced and detail-oriented attorney is paramount in your support matter. The attorneys at DBD are well-versed in all aspects of support litigation and are ready to assist you.