Whether just one or two people working from home, a 100-employee shop, or a super-regional giant with many locations, you and your business are both well-protected and well-armed with Dischell Bartle Dooley on your side. We come to you with considerable institutional experience, and we’re well versed in business-related litigation matters – from simple to complex. Collectively, our expertise includes contractual disputes, business torts, indemnity, commercial loans and guaranties, consumer claims, government procurement, property finance / development and commercial leases. Further, DBD also handles financial discovery and judgment collection, corporate governance and dissolution, commercial foreclosures, trade secret infringement, vendor relationships, and fiduciary responsibilities.  

Still, it’s not what we do that makes us different, it’s how we do it.  Through the years, business clients have told us time and again: we “get it.”  Meaning, DBD attorneys know what's at stake for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, and because we do – we never lose sight of the long view. Any good attorney can help in a pinch, but great business attorneys see and plan five, six, seven moves down the board – side-stepping trouble you might never see coming, out-flanking competitors, and protecting your assets from opportunists. 

Bottom line: the better we do, the better you do, and that’s why our clients value us as trusted advisors. It’s also why, in a perfect world, we like getting involved early on – especially on the ground floor when possible – to grow with you.

Talk to us.  Better yet, let’s have lunch. (Or catch a game.) Find out just how good a talented, motivated law firm can be.

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