your family is not like every other family. Our approach is not either.

We know custody matters are sensitive and critical. Making sure your rights and your children’s welfare are protected is the highest priority for you – and for us.  

At Dischell Bartle & Dooley, we work zealously, yet pragmatically to address your children’s needs. We know that every family is unique. Our approach is not cookie-cutter. The attorneys at Dischell Bartle & Dooley are here to assist with a variety of issues, including:

•   Establishment, modification and enforcement of custody orders

•   Relocation matters

•   Custody matters involving special needs children

•   Termination of parental rights

•   Grandparents’ rights in child custody matters

•   Legal custody issues and disputes

Special Needs Children In Divorce

We know that your child’s specific needs are unique and must be considered in addressing custodial matters. At Dischell Bartle Dooley, our attorneys have represented a broad range of clients in divorces involving special needs children. Whether representing custodial parents who will manage the primary care of a special needs child to protecting the rights of a noncustodial parent who may face limited time with a child, we are diligent in our pursuit of a result that protects our clients’ interests and serves the child’s best interests.

Our firm’s broad base of experience across a variety of legal disciplines puts us in a strong position to accommodate a wide variety of legal needs for your child. In addition to custody-related issues, our attorneys can assist you in addressing the supporting tasks necessary to maintain the best interests of your child.

We understand the challenges children with special needs may face and are aware of the legal remedies available to them. It is our goal to offer you comprehensive solutions for your family. 

child relocation

We know your life may take twists and turns you do not anticipate. At times, an individual may wish to relocate for employment opportunities, being closer to family, better educational opportunities for themselves or their children, and other considerations. Whether you wish to make a move or the other parent is contemplating moving, custodial arrangements must be considered.

A “relocation” is a change in the residence of a child which significantly impairs the ability of a non-relocating party to exercise custodial rights. As a general rule, the law states that no relocation shall occur unless every individual who has custody rights to the child consents to the proposed relocation or the court approves the proposed relocation. We know the decision is not simple and we are here to protect your family’s interests.

Grandparent Rights

The saying goes, “It takes a village.” Whether you are a grandparent seeking an opportunity to participate in a child’s life or a parent attempting to navigate extended-family relationships, we are here to advise you.  

Pennsylvania provides for a method for grandparents to obtain some custodial rights, if they meet certain statutory requisites. At Dischell Bartle & Dooley, we are experienced in navigating these criteria to obtain the best result for your family.