Dischell Bartle Dooley has proudly represented school districts throughout southeastern Pennsylvania for decades. Our vast experience enables us to give well-considered, expert advice and guidance on school district matters.  We have successfully litigated assessment appeals, special education disputes and employment cases in both state and federal courts, zealously representing our clients throughout the litigation process. We also regularly provide our school district clients with guidance on the following issues:  charter school applications, student free speech, search and seizure, technology, construction, budgeting, employee discipline, open records laws and much more. Our approach anticipates legal concerns, tracking trends in the law, while calling on our in-depth experience and strong connections with governmental entities to offer informed and effective legal counsel.

Our education law team includes:

Frank Bartle, Managing Partner
Jack Dooley, Partner
Robert Iannozzi Jr., Partner
Kyle Somers, Partner
Eric Wert, Partner