By Inna G. Materese | Esquire

On these pages, we often write about the divorce process or even quip about new and interesting cultural trends emerging in the area of divorce. These articles, links and stories are sometimes light-hearted or present a curious issue in the area of family law. So it's easy to forget the enormity, life-changing and possibly violent repercussions of an individual's decision to seek a divorce. This decision can come with more than just emotional turmoil and a legal battle; in many instances, it may also come with violence. 

We were recently reminded of this fact when a Centre County, PA man killed his wife and attempted to burn his house down with his young child still inside. He did so because his wife was considering a divorce. 

Protecting our clients in potential domestic violence situations is a vital consideration when advising clients about initiating a divorce matter. If you have any misgivings about your spouse's possible reaction to a divorce, be sure to discuss your concerns with your attorney.