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Can Posting Videos of Your Kids Get you in Trouble?

Can Posting Videos of Your Kids Get you in Trouble?

By Inna G. Materese | Esquire

In November, we explored how the life we post on social media can have serious consequences. Sadly, one need only look to recent news reports to see an example.

Youtuber "DaddyOFive" and his wife have recently lost custody of his children as a result of "pranks" the couple played on them, recording and posting the incidents for public viewing. The posted "pranks" ranged from  smashing the youngest child's Xbox with a hammer in front of him, to convincing the child that he was being adopted out of the family for his bad behavior, to cursing at him for spilling ink on his bedroom floor. In several of the videos, the child can be seen crying and seems to be visibly, and understandably, distressed by what has happened.

While these videos went viral and garnered the couple thousands of online views, the results were devastating. The couple lost custody of the children based on a court's finding that their behavior was abusive. Read more....